Citizen Review Board

The Orange County Court Diversion Review Board consists of citizen volunteers from Orange County interested in participating in a community response to crime.  The process provides an opportunity for those accused of a crime to understand the impact their actions had on their victims and the community.  The Board helps participants develop a plan designed to repair the harm done to the victim and the larger community, and address underlying factors in the individual’s life that contributed to the crime,

The Review Board meets, as needed, in Chelsea and Bradford.

Review Board Members: Phil Boudreau, Ginny Burnham, Jennifer Cummings, Guy Denechaud, Rose Duffy, Lisa Eastman, Betty Edson, Susan Elder, Rosalind Finn, Walter Fischer, Stephen Gale, Sanford, Johnson, Hildegard Jones, Paul Kendall, Luke Knapp, Janice Larabee, Mark Lembke, Joanne Liddell, Jim Ludwig, Abbe Meiling, Pat Mercier, Robert Nutting, Sue Perreault, Nancy Reid, Jay Spiegel, Kim Siner, Martin Smit, Carole Taylor, and Jaclin Wilder.

Trustees: Jennifer Cummings, Betty Edson, Sanford Johnson, Jim Ludwig, Sue Perreault and Nancy Reid.



Volunteers are essential to the success of Court Diversion. They represent the face and voice of the community. Volunteers help offenders understand how the offender’s actions have affected other people in the community, even in so-called “victimless” crimes.

Training, provided by local programs and the association, prepares volunteers to follow a restorative justice approach and take on a meaningful role in this community-based justice program. Close to 400 Vermonters volunteer on Diversion boards!

The Orange County Court Diversion Program’s positions for Review Board Members is currently full.  If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for a Review Board position, please return a completed application to our office.

Review Board Application